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EBU’S 1st collaboration in United Arab Emirates

As part of the first steps of cooperation, Entrepreneurship and Business University “EBU” and Al Falah University organized on Monday 24th of January 2022 a free workshop on “Creativity and Innovation in the Work Environment”.

Al Falah University is recognized among the best universities in the UAE and region through its unparalleled combination of quality of education, scientific research, and community engagement.

The workshop was presented by The Instructor Khaled El Hadad, the consultant in financial planning and Entrepreneurship, to Al Falah University students.

The free workshop came as part of both parties' voluntary commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR”.

The Webinar covered the following topics:

  1. The concept of thinking and creativity
  2. Types of creative thinking
  3. Methods of developing creative thinking.
  4. Skills needed for job excellence.
  5. The main factors in creativity.